Yad Ezrah started its Yahrtzeit services over fifty years ago.
This special service includes the daily recitation of Kaddish by a Yad Ezrah member for the entire first year of mourning, for the benefit of the departed soul.
In addition, a Yad Ezrah member recites the Kaddish prayer on the actual day of the Yahrtzeit as is required by halacha, on all subsequent years. An annual reminder of the Yahrtzeit is sent to the family - reminding them of the upcoming date of the Yahrtzeit, so that they too can recite the Kaddish prayers on the actual Yahrtzeit date.
It is also possible to dedicate a day of learning in our Torah institutions in the holy city of Yerushalayim, for the benefit of the deceased. For more information, please contact Yad Ezrah via email, telephone or fax.

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