As the wheel of life turns, so do people's needs. Yad Ezrah established the Ma'on Tzivia Beit Hachlama as a modern Post-Natal Center for the new mother and baby. In Ma'on Tzivia, mother and child can enjoy a well-deserved rest immediately upon discharge from the hospital. Understandably, a seventy-two hour hospital stay is not sufficient time to recuperate from any delivery, and Ma'on Tzivia accommodates both mother and baby in a warm, congenial atmosphere of rest and relaxation. In a magnificent, yet modest, five-star hotel environment, Mother enjoys many quiet hours of sleep, while her baby receives first-class care in the nursery. Experienced doctors and nurses attend to the newborns and monitor their development and needs and assess the mother's progress as well. Three hot, nutritious meals are served in a luxurious dining hall filled with camaraderie and social interaction for the recuperating mother. A lavish lobby hosts daily visitors. State of the art guest rooms host up to sixty women daily. Each year more than 5,000 women convalesce at Ma'on Tzivia and rejuvenate themselves in order to tackle the next stage of raising a newborn while having to take care of their other young charges simultaneously.

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