Yad Ezrah relates to the needy in a true spirit of chessed. Its volunteers offer compassion, assistance and care with the ultimate dignity and honor that every individual deserves. Any Jew may receive help from Yad Ezrah regardless of their religious persuasion. Financial aid is offered to the destitute. Emotional support is extended to the mentally deprived.

Yad Ezrah deliberately keeps a low profile and does not publicize its achievements. This modesty was part and parcel of Reb Asher's ideology. The prophet Chabbakuk advised us: "Walk modestly with G-d." This vision has been realized. In keeping with the dictates of modesty and sincerity, Yad Ezrah seeks benevolence, not fanfare, and offers assistance to the needy and unfortunate in the most discreet and honorable manner.

Many highly skilled individuals, disciples of Reb Asher zt"l, have joined the staff of Yad Ezrah in an effort to offer real concrete help where it is most needed. In all cases, the goal is to assist the individual with tangible efforts on a personal level, to provide for both his physical and emotional needs.

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